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Born and raised in central Africa, and having lived and worked in the UK, the USA, Europe and the Middle East, my vast international experience gives me a unique perspective on cross-cultural spaces. I am an actor and facilitator for several global L&D organisations, including React UK, Emeritus and Lepaya.

My experience encompasses finance and banking, insurance, engineering, customer service, higher education, and more. Other clients include IE University (Madrid); University College Dublin; the UK Police (witness protection training); The Courtyard Playhouse Dubai;  SAE Institute Dubai; Diverse Performing Arts Dubai; The Junction Academy Dubai. 


I recently featured as part of the 10th Anniversary of Aurora, Advance HE's leadership development initiative for women.

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James Humes

"The art of communication is the language of leadership"


Babies and toddlers live there almost constantly. Great performers work in this state. Great athletes win in it. Great teachers teach in it. Every great communicator speaks from this place. It is when we are fully present that we do our best work and make our deepest impression on others.

Executive presence training is an investment in your current and future self. It is the gift that keeps on giving, supporting the growth of your confidence, elevating your personal and professional impact, and building your authentic leadership presence (it's not about having to "fake it till you make it").

Helping clients to be fully present sits at the core of my work, and I engage with a number of ways to teach presence, from Patsy Rodenburg's Three Circles of Energy to Michael Chekhov's Radiation (as he said, “you can't radiate without being present, and you cannot be present without radiating”). Inspired by the practice of Viewpoints, I am especially interested in how we inhabit space and my work resists exhorting clients to 'take up' or 'command' space. My approach is softer ... I invite you to climb into space (there's plenty to go around, after all!).

​My two-hour workshop covers:

  • The Three Circles of Energy: a method created by world leading acting and voice coach Professor Patsy Rodenburg OBE;

  • ‘The Shape of You’ (with apologies to Ed Sheeran) – how your posture and gestures speak volumes;

  • Vocal techniques: pitch, projection, articulation, tone, resonance, rhythm, pause, pace and why vowels and consonants matter;

  • Listening skills: being present and holding space for others is a leadership skill.

This workshop can be adapted to fit into a corporate training programme or role play day. I can also provide it as a series of 20-minute 'morning snacks' over the working week.


I offer private coaching to individuals who wish to improve their:

  • Personal or Executive Presence

  • Communications Skills

  • Presentation Skills

  • Acting Skills and Auditions

My one-to-one work is entirely focussed on a client's needs and I adapt my techniques to suit you:


  • I may take inspiration from theatre and voice practitioners such as Konstantin Stanislavski, Jerzy Grotowski, Jacques Lecoq, Michael Chekhov, Mary Overlie and Anne Bogart. 

  • Perhaps you seek support with your communications skills in a work or social setting, in which case we might practise techniques to improve articulation, projection or body languageI have trained with top voice coaches, including Adam Wallis (Senior Lecturer in Voice at the Guildford School of Acting, UK), and Kate Godfrey (former Head of Voice at the Royal Shakespeare Company).

  • We might delve into your vocal history, exploring the variety of voices living within you: your mother tongue, the language you speak at work and at home, the voices which have impacted you and continue to do so.

  • Yoga can be a powerful tool for improving communication skills. I am a qualified Yoga Teacher and frequently blend gentle hatha, restorative and yin yoga into my work to enhance breath, body awareness, stress reduction and mindful presence.


Having worked several times with Josie in Dubai, I would highly recommend her for facilitating both corporate and personal development.

John Buck 
Managing Director
Comtec Middle East

Josie Campbell is a compassionate and astute teacher, balancing years of experience with humour and kindness.

Josie helped me attain Distinction in my ATCL and LTCL Trinity Speech and Drama Diplomas. Working with Josie and discovering my voice/voices through her various approaches is not only engaging and memorable but an empowering experience too. Her enthusiastic approach is like none other. She is fully present, full of ideas and able to change tactics to suit different situations,  all while offering support and confidence throughout your journey.  Every time I have left a lesson with Josie I have felt energised and inspired. 

Nadine Frew

With my pending appointment as Vice Captain of Alwoodley Golf Club I made contact with Josie to try to improve my public speaking ability. She has made the sessions enjoyable, fun and informative and I now feel more confident about the year ahead. Thanks Josie.

Mike Banks

Dr. Jessica Hartley

Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

University of London

I reached out to Josie to work on my voice in both my professional and personal life. She's been great at tailoring sessions around my needs. Each class is different and touches on many subjects; from easy tools to improve breath, elocution and projection to more situational exercises to widen my comfort zone. Most importantly she's put me at ease from day one. I highly recommend working with her!

Private Student


I was fortunate enough that Josie was my teacher when I was at my most impressionable and vulnerable and she managed with care, meticulous attention and endless fun to shape me into the courageous, honest and open performer that I am today, and I wouldn’t be where I am without her.

Tatiana Szapary

Josie is my 'Go-To Guru' for presence and communication training. She reminds me of Mary Poppins: she always has your best interests at heart, meticulous attention to detail, an unwavering dedication to her craft, and a bottomless bag of tricks, techniques and insights. Each lesson with Josie is an educational experience and a transformative journey. Her unparalleled skills and infectious enthusiasm make her a remarkable mentor and a true catalyst for personal and professional growth.

Emma Quintin
Co Founder - Proscenium Enrichment Centre

I've seen or worked with Josie in actor training workshops, as a director, and through extensive conversations on theatre practice with industry stakeholders. She brings her varied life experiences to bear on everything she does, combined with passion, dedication, and zeal for the task at hand. All of this is underpinned by her specific knowledge in a variety of modern techniques, and she holds the rare yet key ability to identify the individual and their needs in achieving the shared goals within her teaching. 

Daniel MacAlistair Gott
Theatre Trainer

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Patsy Rodenburg

"Human presence is a real and tangible force. It transforms all around it. When you speak with full presence your words live, inspire, provoke and prevail."


BA (Hons) | MA | PGCE | FTCL

Following my first degree in Drama from the University of Bristol, I began my career with BBC Radio, reporting live and producing a range of content for programmes across the north and north east.





I have recorded many corporate, educational and creative voice-overs: I am the voice of Oxford Park and Ride and have narrated for giant of the music industry, Sami Yusuf on My Song. My professional network includes BAFTA-award winning actors and actor trainers known for their work in the world of games, Theatre, TV and Film.

As an actor, I have appeared in award-winning short films (e.g. Seen and Heard, Inner Eye Productions) and I tour internationally with my theatre company, Little Britches, playing Anne Hathaway in Vern Theissen’s ‘Shakespeare’s Will’. More recently, I directed Mike Bartlett’s ‘Bull’ in Dubai, using playground games and dark clown as inspiration. I am a Fellow of Trinity College London (FTCL: Performing Speech and Drama) as well as a qualified and experienced Secondary English teacher.


In 2022, I went to back to (drama) school, completing my MA in Actor Training & Coaching at leading Conservatoire, the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London. My MA thesis centred on ‘presence’ in leadership training, an ongoing area of interest and expertise.


I have trained/worked with the industry's most sought after academics and practitioners (links below):

​I am a member of British Actors Equity and Spotlight.



I'm also a writer, with a background in writing careers books for the DfE, and more recent publications available from ZigZag Education:

My interview with Alexey Shor, Composer-in-Residence for the Classic Piano International piano Competition, Dubai, 2024, was published in Pizzicato Magazine.



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