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Josie Campbell

| Corporate Role Play Actor |

| Communications Skills Trainer |

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Corporate Role Play

I work extensively as a corporate role player and facilitator. Born and raised in central Africa, and having lived and worked in the UK, the USA, Europe and the UAE, my vast international experience gives me a unique perspective on cross-cultural spaces. 

My experience encompasses finance and banking, insurance, engineering, customer service, higher education, and more. Clients include IE University (Madrid), Travesti Theatre, the UK Police (witness protection training), Emeritus, SAE Institute Dubai, The Junction Academy. 


  • Experienced business actors for role play, in 1-to-1 scenarios or forum theatre

  • Facilitating group learning and feedback using experiential learning tools

  • Inclusion of short (eg 30 min) workshops on key areas, eg: body language, if required.

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Communications Skills Training


I deliver classes and workshops  in:

  • Leadership Presence

  • Presentation Skills

  • Impactful Speaking and Listening

  • Yoga for the Voice

  • 'Who is Your Voice'?

Workshops can be aligned to your training objectives.

I also work exclusively with women, paying particular attention to their physical, vocal and emotional energy, and offering tools to create impact and presence in any setting.

If you would like to mix and match workshop content for a more bespoke experience, please get in touch. 

Scroll down for more details.

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"To be or not to be, that is the question"

William Shakespeare

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Babies and toddlers live there almost constantly. Great performers work in this state. Great athletes win in it. Great teachers teach in it. Every great communicator speaks from this place. It is when we are fully present that we do our best work and make our deepest impression on others.


2-hour workshop giving you the tools to explore your presence potential.

  • The Three Circles of Energy: a method created by world leading acting and voice coach Professor Patsy Rodenburg OBE

  • ‘The Shape of You’ (with apologies to Ed Sheeran) – how your posture and gestures speak volumes

  • Vocal techniques: variety, pitch, projection, articulation, tone, resonance, rhythm, pause, pace and why vowels and consonants matter

  • Listening skills: being present and holding space for others is a leadership skill.

This workshop can be adapted to fit into a corporate training programme or role play day. I can also provide it as a series of 20-minute 'morning snacks' over the working week.



Did you know that stories are 22 times more memorable than facts?

Did you know that 90% of people daydream in meetings, creating stories in their heads?

Surely it makes more sense to get people engaged in your story!

When we hear a story, our brains release oxytocin, a hormone associated with empathy and trust. This helps us connect emotionally with the speaker and the content. It's the way our brains are wired.

Stories have been told for thousands of years. Instead of sharing facts about numeric outcomes, take your listeners on a journey that lets them see and feel what getting to the goal will be like for them. Stories don’t make you less professional; they make you more human.


In this 2-hour workshop, learn how to create and deliver powerful, unforgettable presentations:

  • Storytelling: structures, hooks, imagery and engaging your audience

  • Dump the PPT (or use it with minimalistic skill)

  • Energising your voice with vocal skills eg: articulation, pause and pace, projection - and how breath supports a powerful voice

  • Stage fright - let's not pretend this doesn't exist, but there are ways to harness it.

This workshop can be adapted to fit into a corporate training programme or role play day. I can also provide it as a series of 20-minute 'morning snacks' over the working week.


Post-pandemic, are we witnessing and experiencing a “crisis of voice” and a “crisis of listening”? 

When you speak to people, it matters. Yet so many of us don’t have confidence in our voices, with bad habits developed over the years which prevent us from communicating with energy and conviction.

LISTENING is half of communication. We spend so much of the day listening – but frequently we are not engaged, thinking about other things on our to-do list, or waiting for the opportunity to disengage with an interruption.


In this 2 hour workshop, practise vocal skills to support your communication expertise, eg: resonance, articulation, pause and pace, projection, and – since your voice only goes where your breath goes – how breath supports a powerful voice. 

You will also learn how to listen fully using the RASA framework.


Yoga for the Voice applies techniques from Yoga, Pranayama, chanting, primal voice work, fascia release work and somatic bodywork to free the voice. It uses yoga postures and sound healing exercises designed to unblock the breath and voice from parts of the body where it has been braced or blocked due to the emotional and physical stresses of life.


I offer Vocal Yoga as a 2-3 hour workshop or a series of classes eg one-hour, weekly.


We sit our bodies in a circle. But you are not just you. You are part of a web of families, communities and memories which you bring with you, but which we cannot see. This workshop invites you to explore the sonic references – the sounds, frequencies, colours, rhythms and cadences - inside us, reflecting on the vocal traditions you’ve grown up with and feel connected to.

This is an opportunity to think more deeply about the voices in your everyday life that have had an impact on your own vocal expression. I invite you to think about some of the ways in which the presence of certain key voices has impacted on you and enable you to feel that your own vocal contribution in the world is more alive and active.


'Who is Your Voice' is offered as a 3-hour workshop.

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I spotted Tsira on a trip to the Kruger National Park, South Africa. It’s not every day yo

Patsy Rodenburg

"There is no reason why women's voices cannot be heard"

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About me

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BA (Hons) | MA | PGCE | FTCL

Following my first degree in Drama from the University of Bristol, I began my career with BBC radio, reporting live and producing a range of content for programmes across the north and north east. I have recorded several corporate, educational and creative voice-overs: I am the voice of Oxford Park and Ride and have narrated for giant of the music industry, Sami Yusuf on My Song

As an actor, I have appeared in award-winning short films (e.g. Seen and Heard, Inner Eye Productions) and I tour internationally with my theatre company, Little Britches, playing Anne Hathaway in Vern Theissen’s ‘Shakespeare’s Will’. More recently, I directed Mike Bartlett’s ‘Bull’ in Dubai, using playground games and dark clown as inspiration. I am a Fellow of Trinity College London (Performing Speech and Drama) as well as a qualified and experienced Secondary English teacher.

In 2022, I went to back to (drama) school, completing my MA in Actor Training & Coaching at leading Conservatoire, the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London. My MA thesis centred on ‘presence’ in leadership training, an ongoing area of interest and expertise.

I frequently blend theatre techniques into my work, derived inspiration from theatre and voice practitioners such as Stanislavski, Michael Chekhov, Anne Bogart and Professor Patsy Rodenburg OBE (with whom I recently trained). 

I am a member of British Actors Equity and Spotlight.

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Josie Campbell is a compassionate and astute teacher, balancing years of experience with humour and kindness.

Dr. Jessica Hartley

Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

University of London

It has been a pleasure to work with Josie; she is an instinctive practitioner and gifted coach.

Bob Lees

Camlee Associates

Josie's work with our team was transformational. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to add to their communication toolkit.

Helena Green

Artistic Director, Travesti Theatre

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Contact Me

+971 (0)50 767 2428

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